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Posted 1/14/17

Jackie Evancho’s Transgender Sister Defends Her Inauguration Performance

You're probably well aware at this point that Donald Trump's upcoming presidential inauguration is lacking in prominent A-list talent, with the transition team now in damage control mode by choosing to label the event as one with a "soft sensuality." Former America's Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho is one of a few performers booked for the political gig — she'll be singing the National Anthem — and despite a notable amount of backlash to get the teen singer to withdraw from performing, Evancho recently discussed why  "The way I look at it is, Jackie is singing for our country, and it's an honor for her to be singing in front of so many people," she told CBS Sunday Morning. "So I feel that's really where I look at it. And that's where I'm going to leave it right now." Born Jacob, Juliet is currently leading a lawsuit against their local Pennsylvania school district over the right to use women's bathrooms. She will not be attending the inauguration due to "prior engagements."


Posted 1/13/17

The xx Covered Drake and Rihanna’s ‘Too Good’ and Made It Even More Depressing (But Still Very Good)

The love affair between the xx and Drake dates as far back as Jamie xx producing Drake and Rihanna's "Take Care," Drake calling the xx an influence on his work, and then the xx pretty much saying "ditto" in regard to Drake inspiring the title of their new album I See You (a song on it also nearly quoted him), not to mention even Rihanna sampling the xx on one of her own songs. At last, the xx and Drake's mutual admiration has come full circle, with the xx covering Drake and Rihanna's "Too Good" in the BBC Live Lounge, which is a curious song choice considering it speaks to a lack of reciprocity in a relationship. Clearly not a problem for them! It's mostly a downer of a song, but at least Drake and Rihanna sampled Popcaan to make it a tiny bit danceable. Leave it to the xx to transform the song into a full-on breakup ballad, which sounds not as good as the original, but still too damn good.


Posted 1/12/17

Iggy Pop’s Best Song Oscar Contender for GoldIs Here in All Its Western Glory

Though Iggy Pop may be on the verge of retirement, he won't bow out without going through the awards-season ringer first. He and Danger Mouse have contributed a song to Matthew McConaughey's Gold — in which McConaughey plays a literal gold digger of sorts — that may very well earn them an Oscar nomination. "Gold" has already been nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes, and though it lost to the more whimsical "City of Stars" from La La Land, it's still on the list of Oscar-eligible hopefuls, along with 90 other songs. All that recognition and few have even heard the song, co-written by the film's director Stephen Gaghan, until today. Iggy Pop has finally released "Gold" in all its Leonard Cohen–channeling glum Western glory; according to Gaghan, it pops up during a "crucial" scene where "something goes wrong, you know it's bad, you just don't know how bad it's gonna be." The movie is about a guy who sets out to the Indonesian jungles with very greedy intentions, but one listen to "Gold" and you might just confuse it for a period piece about the California Gold Rush.


Posted 1/12/17

Coachella Headliners Petitioned to Donate Fees to Pro-LGBTQ Groups Following New Reports of Festival Owner’s Donations to Hate Groups

Following recently resurfaced and newly uncovered reports of Coachella owner Philip Anschutz's multiple donations to hate groups with anti-LGBTQ agendas, fans have started a petition urging this year's headliners to donate their performance earnings to charity. The petition, which is currently nearing its goal of 7,000 signatures, requests that Beyoncé, Radiohead, and Kendrick Lamar give their Coachella fees to the LGBTQ rights groups the Trevor Project, Trans Lifeline, and the Human Rights Campaign. The petition was spurred by news that AEG owner Philip Anschutz had made at least $190,000 in donations to various hate groups. Initial reports suggested that Anschutz had made some of those donations between 2010 and 2013 through his foundation, donations which Anschutz claimed in a statement he was no longer making. New findings from Anschutz's tax returns viewed by Pitchfork, however, reveal that Anschutz was still making sizeable donations to the anti-gay groups Alliance Defending Freedom and National Christian Foundation as recently as 2015. A law firm representing AEG tells Pitchfork the foundation ceased making such donations after that year: "Once it was explained to us that there was an issue, it stopped." None of this year's headliners have commented on the controversy so far.


Posted 1/12/17

The Weeknd Wonders How, Exactly, Donald Trump Would ‘Grab Her by the Pussy’

Months after the fact and the Weeknd just cannot wrap his head around the way in which Donald Trump says he would sexually assault women. It's the physical mechanics of Trump's threat that particularly has Abel Tesfaye stumped. In a new GQ profile, when asked to consider how fame can increase the opportunity for sex and somehow skew one's sense of consent, the Weeknd says he couldn't fathom anyone ever behaving like Trump. Referencing Trump's infamous "grab her by the pussy" comments caught on video, he said, “I don’t know anybody that would do that. I know a lot of people in the industry, and I don’t know anybody. Like, a random girl that like you just spoke to? No. I mean … No. How do you even grab a pussy? Like, is it even grabbable?” And if anyone would know, it's self-professed sexual deviant (in song, anyway) the Weeknd. Despite being Canadian, the Weeknd previously protested Trump's election by refusing to appear on a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live where Trump was also appearing. His GQ interview now reveals the Weeknd's post-election reaction to his neighboring country actually making Trump president: “America, man. They never fail you.” How dare we let him down!


Posted 1/12/17

Stream Aaliyah’s Greatest Hits for the First Time While You Still Can

Fans of Aaliyah have long known the struggle of trying to stream and download the late singer's small but influential oeuvre. For the longest time, only her debut album, Age Ain't Nothing But a Number, has been available digitally. As Complex recently revisited in an investigation into the matter, Aaliyah's absence online is a result of her uncle Barry Hankerson, who owns the licensing rights to the majority of Aaliyah's masters, completely shunning streaming and iTunes. Every now and then, her later albums will conspicuously pop up on digital services, like One in a Million and Aaliyah did on iTunes in 2013, and inevitably vanish. (Usually with a lawsuit involved). Now, once again, Aaliyah has found her way back online.